1. borderlinemoon:

    I love you. I do. 

    There would be no point in anything If I didn’t have you. I love you too, that I do. I do too.

  2. She is good.

  3. I love you.

  5. borderlinemoon:

    Sunny Cornish Sprrrring with wolfshoulder

    This lady is wonderful.

  6. borderlinemoon:

    Our tiny, cosy, Cornish room.

    With great taste in bedsheets.

  7. photosfromcraig:

    Without having battery power for my Canon 5D Mark III, I was happily forced into using film. I love 35mm film (120mm is fun too!) as it has a lovely feel to it. Not seeing your images for a while until you find facilities to develop it yourself or have it developed for you adds to the excitement.

    I spent my first full day back in Falmouth with borderlinemoon out in the sun. We went to the beach in the day and settled down later to a Chinese takeaway. I surprised my lady with some roses as I felt she deserved them for doing a good job traveling back from the Isle of Man and also for just being a beautiful human.

    I shot this on Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 36EXP colour film.


  8. Anonymous asked: Hiya Craig :) I'm on your course in fally and you seem like the sweetest guy here! We have only chatted a few times at stannary events and I couldn't think of another way to ask whether or not we could go for a drink sometime without maybe making a big fool of myself. Can we? I guess if you say yes ill reveal who I am :) sorry I'm so embrassing hah and stuff!! Your work is so so brill xo

    Thanks for the compliment about my work and how sweet you think I am. That’s very nice of you.

    I don’t want to sound mean in any way but I am currently happy in a relationship, but I would happily accept an invitation to have a drink on the grounds that this is known. 

    Don’t be afraid to “reveal” yourself, feel free to chat to me properly anytime. 

  9. rejectinertia:

    An afternoon/eve spent with a poorly harlequinwolves, an ever wild wolfshoulder and soft-eared Jessie.

    My wee lass is a wonderful person who takes swell photographs.

  10. Your fear of capture and imprisonment is from millions of years ago. You are not there. You are asleep.

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  11. Bubba was my best good friend.

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  12. photosfromcraig:

    The Isle of Man - The Sound and Cregneash.

    I made a promise to you on February 8th 2014.

    I intend to keep it.

  14. borderlinemoon:

    All evenings should be spent similarly. Rural Britain is unbeatable.

    Lovely exploration. Many more years of this please Rachael.

  15. foxmouth:

    Diary: Blue Note, 2014 Alicia Carrera

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